Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell and Barack Obama

Colin Powell's endorsement will have three important effects on the campaign.
First, and most immediately, it will shape the news for the next several days, and will interrupt the McCain campaign's message for the better part of the week. Beyond that, I can see the media repeating Powell's criticism of McCain's campaign, particularly on foreign policy and the pick of Sarah Palin, between now and election day.
Second, it reinforces the message that Obama is a safe choice for president. I can think of no more credible authority to deliver the message that Barack Obama is better qualified to lead the country.
Third, it helps Obama with military families in states like Virginia. Not all military families are supporting John McCain; more than a few are unhappy with the way the military has been used in the pursuit of neocon dreams, and don't want to see the same ideology expressed in a McCain presidency.
I don't think Obama will see a bump in the polls because of the endorsement; he's probably at close to the maximum of public support. I do think it will make it harder for McCain to gain back much ground in the two weeks remaining.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both of Colin's statements were well expressed.

If America hears them, they will respond...

The other side has begun their rebuttal along the lines that " oh, all Afro- Americans stick together... what else did you expect.." That paraphrased statement came from Rush Limbaugh yesterday morning.

The death rattle.

3:53 AM, October 20, 2008  

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