Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Second Debate

So far this year, I haven't offered instant analysis of the debates, and for good reason. I have tended to see the debates as closer than they turned out to be in the public view. As the evening unfolded, I focused on the back and forth and imagined it to be fairly close. Tonight I thought the candidates held their ground and gave and took a few shots, and guessed that a close outcome worked to Barack Obama's advantage.
But once again, it seems that my immediate reaction was off. CNN instant poll found that Obama
did a better job by a 54 to 30 percent. He was favored on leadership by 54 to 43 percent. Obama's favorable rating went up 4 percent, while McCain's remained the same.
John McCain was touted as better with the town hall format. But after the debate was over, McCain left almost immediately, while Obama stuck around to talk to the audience for at least 20 minutes.
With four weeks to go, McCain is running out of opportunities to turn this around. John McCain needed to change the dynamics of the campaign, and he didn't do it.


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