Wednesday, May 07, 2008

TommyWonk on WDEL this Evening

I'm going on WDEL, 1150 AM, with Allan Loudell at 5:01 this evening to talk about wind power. It's been a busy week. The News Journal reports that Delmarva Power has taken some heat for its PR tactics:
On Tuesday, PSC Chairwoman Arnetta McRae cautioned Delmarva about the use of the phrase "Public Notice," which is usually reserved for official PSC rate cases. Delmarva attorney Todd Goodman said the company would not run the newspaper ad again. On Tuesday evening, a similarly worded radio ad, starting with the phrase 'This is a public notice' was still running on the radio station WDEL.
Also, the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee has added HCR 50 to its agenda for 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. HCR 50 would ask the Public Service Commission to prevent Delmarva Power from passing on to customers any money "spent to oppose the Power Purchase Agreement" negotiated under HB 6.


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