Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Public Service Commission on Trial in Leg Hall

As I noted last night, Harris McDowell brought in a high-priced D.C. attorney named Randall Speck to question representatives of the Public Service Commission. Aaron Nathans, writing in the News Journal, seems to have captured the spirit of the occasion:
There was no jury, no bailiff, no hand on the Bible. But the process that led to an offshore wind power contract appeared to be on trial at Legislative Hall on Wednesday.
A Washington-based attorney spent more than two hours grilling representatives of the Public Service Commission and its staff on the path that led to an offshore wind contract.
PSC chair Arnetta McRae held her ground:
PSC representatives said the year-long response to the legislative mandate was exhaustive, transparent and involved unprecedented levels of public participation. McRae said, "I am immensely proud of the manner in which the process has unfolded to date."
According to accounts I have heard, Ms. McRae epitomized grace under pressure. As citizens, we can be immensely proud of the way the PSC conducted the RFP process. The PSC has posted the full record of this unprecedented public participation, including thousands of letters and e-mails from citizens, the vast majority of which are in favor of wind power.

Arnetta McRae has not forgotten that she represents the public interest, and has done everything possible to encourage and engage the citizens in creating our energy future. Senator McDowell has chosen to align himself with the interests of Delmarva Power by bringing in an industry lawyer to attack a state agency for doing its job and upholding the law.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post jogged loose this slogan for this years political contests.

It's the Public......stupid.

12:49 AM, March 08, 2008  

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