Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Jersey's Wind Power Proposals

If the stalemate in Legislative Hall continues, could Delaware find that neighboring states have leapfrogged ahead in the race to build the country's first offshore wind farm? New Jersey has three proposals to build an offshore farm not far from Delaware.
The Star Ledger has the story:
The proposals, submitted yesterday to the state Board of Public Utilities, involve wind farms of up to 350 megawatts, including one proposed by a partnership consisting of Newark-based Public Service Enterprise Group and Winergy Power Holdings. One megawatt is enough to supply about 800 homes.
While New Jersey is where Delaware was a year ago in terms of considering proposals, it is possible that our neighbor across the river could pass us, particularly if the will is there. If our General Assembly drags this out long enough, Delaware could lose its first mover advantage.
Last month Lt. Gov. John Carney announced that Bluewater Wind would make Delaware the hub of its east coast operations and fund training in wind power construction and operations, providing Delaware approves the agreement. If the General Assembly holds up the agreement, the training program and jobs could end up going elsewhere.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets see if the Delaware General Assembly is the true representative of the will of the people, or is in the pockets of big business and the unions. Thousands and thousands of people say they want the wind farms yet one or two legislators are holding it up because of their personal interests. It's time someone opened a real investigation into this one. Perhaps someone from outside Delaware, so it won't be done "the Delaware way".

6:27 AM, March 05, 2008  

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