Friday, February 15, 2008

Delaying Tactics on Wind Power

Jeff Montgomery of the News Journal has been asking around in Leg Hall, and concludes that we won't see action on wind power until April:
"I think some of them are waiting until Harris McDowell has finished up his hearings" in March, said House Speaker Terry R. Spence, R-Stratford.
Senate Energy & Transit Committee Chairman Harris B. McDowell III, D-Wilmington North, began a series of hearings on Bluewater Wind LLC's proposed 150-turbine wind project east of Rehoboth Beach this month, with a report due in early April.
House Democrats this week called for action to bypass McDowell's review. In a letter to the legislature's Controller General, House Minority Leader Robert F. Gilligan, D-Sherwood Park, and Minority Whip Helene M. Keeley, D-Wilmington South, called for a conference of party caucus leaders from both chambers and a favorable recommendation "before the
Legislature returns to session" on March 11.
Keeley said Thursday that the meeting request was not a full caucus endorsement backed by a membership vote, although several House Democrats contacted Thursday supported the project.
I'm not surprised that nothing will happen while McDowell holds his hearings. Beyond delaying any action, wind power opponents in Leg Hall are hoping to uncover some factoid so compelling, so devastating, that renewable energy advocates will be forced to yield to their superior logic.


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