Friday, January 05, 2007

A Quiet Start for Jack Markell's Third Term

The event passed with hadly any notice; Jack Markell quietly took the oath of office for his third term as state treasurer on Tuesday. The public events were cancelled due to the death of Gerald Ford.
I found no mention of the event in the state's largest newspapers (other than a notice that the public events had been cancelled). So when Jack circulated his prepared speech (available as a PDF) via email, I thought I'd highlight a few words on his policy ideas:
So what must we do going forward to make a difference in real people’s lives?
As I said during the campaign, I am hopeful that the General Assembly will help working families across the State by supporting legislation like that sponsored by Representative Bill Oberle to make contributions to college investment plans tax deductible.
I look forward to working with my colleagues on the State Employee Benefits Committee to expand the Health Rewards Program, improving health and reducing the cost of health care.
I will work with partners throughout the State to bring high-quality financial education programs to more Delawareans so they can take control of their own financial well-being.
I will work with AARP and others to bring the benefits of our Consumer Tool Chest and Anti-Fall Ideas to Delaware’s seniors, so they can be more secure.
And I will continue to work with community partners like Nehemiah Gateway and First State Community Action Agency to expand the earned income tax credit program to reward our citizens who believe that their own labor is the pathway to a better life.
In typical Jack Markell fashion, the formal reception planned for Tuesday has been replaced by a series of pizza parties, one in each county. You can find more info at Blog for Delaware.


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