Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Good Year for Blogging in Delaware

2006 was a good year for Delaware bloggers. Case in point: News Journal reporter Alison Kepner delivers an obligatory year-end trend story that features some folks well known in Delaware's blogosphere, including Dana Garrett of Delaware Watch, John Flaherty who pops up frequently in DW, and Judson Bennett who writes a regular rant in First State Politics.
Delaware's bloggers became a significant source of breaking political news in 2006, which is why they are required reading in the News Journal newsroom and among at least some politicians.
Last week, it was Mike Matthew's turn to get his old media props for his use of video to capture pols' reactions to his annoying questions on Down With Absolutes. Last month, Jason Scott of Delaware Liberal got the nod in an appearance on Channel 12's Delaware Tonight. Delaware's old media are finding out that people are interested in news and views from people beyond the usual suspects.
In the meanwhile, the roster of worthwhile Delaware bloggers continues to grow. I count five of the blogs listed to the right that started up this year. It's worth noting that Delaware is the only place I know where liberal and conservative blogs link to each other. This growth in the number oand qualitiy of Delaware blogs is good for all of us; a significant portion of my readers get here by way of fellow bloggers. Thanks everyone for your interest. See you in 2007.


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