Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Update: Challenging BushCo on Mercury Emissions

Gasses disperse. Mercury lingers.
This is why emissions trading, which makes sense for gasses that affect large areas, does not make sense for mercury.
The News Journal reports that Delaware is among the states that are challenging the EPA's decision to allow trading of mercury emissions:
Delaware environmental officials, along with their counterparts in 15 other states, on Monday resumed their federal court challenge of the Environmental Protection Agency's new mercury pollution rules.
In addition to challenging BushCo's plan, DNREC is stepping in to regulate mercury directly:
James D. Werner, Delaware's director of air and waste management, said Monday the federal mercury "cap and trade" plan was "simply not acceptable."
The latest action comes two weeks after Delaware environmental officials announced a state proposal aimed at cutting mercury emissions. A draft regulation is scheduled for release by September.
Werner said he hopes to have the state rules in place by November. If adopted, the state plan would likely prevent the less stringent federal plan from going into effect in Delaware.

As noted here last September, the U.S. Senate failed to defeat the EPA regulation by a vote of 51 to 47.


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