Monday, June 12, 2006

Markos on Countdown

Markos of Daily Kos was just on Countdown talking about the growing impact of bloggers, underscored by the attention generated by YearlyKos. Four credible contenders attended; Markos specifically mentioned Mark Warner and Wes Clark as making a strong impression, which suggests that the netroots don't necessarily gravitate towards the most liberal figures.
Markos clearly is relishing the attention, saying:
"We want to be the mainstream."
Video streams from YearlyKos can be found here.
Meanwhile, back in the blogosphere, Kos is talking up the Democratic primary tomorrow in Virginia in which James Webb and Harris Miller race off for the right to return Senator George Allen to private life:
One of the main knocks against Webb is that he's a former Republican. And, in fact, a former Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan.
Far from a bad thing, this is exactly what we want: Republicans realizing that if they truly want a better America they need to switch to the Democrats.
Here's what I wrote about Webb back in February:
And for those who are uncomfortable with former Republicans running as Democrats, here's how it works: When enough folks cross over from the other side to our side, we win.


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