Friday, March 24, 2006

Running Windows on Macs? But Why?

I have two computers on my desk: a Mac, which is sweet, and a Windows machine, which is a necessary evil.
So I got a kick out of Arik Hesseldahl's column in Business Week, "Macheads, Just Say No to Windows" in which he comments on the interest in running an inferior operating system on a superior machine:
As one commenter on observed: "We've figured out how to put an inferior OS on more expensive hardware!" That way, he says, you can have both the frustrations of Windows and pay a lot for the equipment. "Next, how to mod your Porsche into a Toyota Camry."
Actually a GM product of suboptimal design might be a more apt analogy. Hesseldahl goes on to deliver some serious wailing on Microsoft:
Here's my first go at a TV-ad storyboard: Show a calendar changing years with a voiceover saying something like: "2004: Microsoft delays a beta test of its next operating system, Longhorn. 2005: Microsoft shifts release plans for its next operating system, now called Windows Vista, to 2006. 2006: Microsoft promises to deliver Vista to consumers -- in 2007." Cut to a calendar displaying the year 2007, followed by a question mark. Back to the voiceover: "Tired of waiting for a next generation operating system? Get a Mac, now running Leopard."


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