Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Religious Wars and Cupcakes

Bill O'Reilly, that brave defender of Christmas, just said on David Letterman that kids in Plano, Texas were told they couldn't wear Christmas colors to school. The problem is that he admitted two weeks ago that he was wrong on that specific point, after calling Plano "Ground Zero" in the war on Christmas. Media Matters for America has the transcript from December 21:
Now, I made a mistake a few days ago when I said clothing was included in that party dictum. Clothing was not included. It was colors of plates and cupcakes and things like that.
Now I hate to pick on O'Reilly, especially since he's a big media star and I'm a forlorn blogger with a modest (but well intentioned) readership. But with all the resources at his disposal, one would think he could afford, if not a fact checker, then at least a transcript checker. (Hey Bill, here's what you said two weeks ago.) If hiring a fact checker is too demeaning for him, he could say the staffer is in charge of continuity, like the folks on movie sets who make sure that the star is wearing the same tie or whatever.
Oh, and by the way, I looked at the lawsuit in the Plano, Texas case. It runs 169 pages.
Oh, and another thing, in the historical context, a disagreement over the colors of plates and cupcakes hardly adds up to a religious war. History is littered with religious wars, and not one, to my knowledge, involved cupcakes.
Oh, and one more thing, Christmas already happened, and everyone had a great time. I got a very nice sweater from my girlfriend. Thanks Bill. I appreciate it. Really.


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