Saturday, December 31, 2005

TommyWonk Year in Review: No Shelter from the Storm

The disaster in New Orleans was the source of much human suffering, and some compelling photojournalism. James Nielsen of AFP Getty Images snapped this unforgettable picture of a refugee and her dog with an unattended corpse nearby. The New York Times published this photo by Tyler Hicks of refugees gathered in the the sweltering Superdome. Sidney Blumenthal, writing in the Guardian, described the disaster as "Biblical in its uncontrolled rage and scope," while noting that the disaster was not entirely an act of God. Eric Gay produced a compelling series of photos for the AP. This firestorm raged out of control as firefighters were overwhelmed by the disaster. Gay took this gruesome photo of an old man who died waiting to be rescued. One survivor summed up the tragedy, saying, "They died right here in America, waiting for food."


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