Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bill Frist Wants Another Bolton Vote on Thursday

The Washington Note reports that the next cloture vote on John Bolton may come Thursday. The White House has not come forward with a single scrap of paper in response to requests for evidence that go back to the month of April.
Bill Frist, standing with John McCain, said this morning that the Democrats "keep moving the goal posts" when it comes to evidence requests. Steve Clemons reports that Frist's complaint was met with scepticism:
Several senior journalists at the meeting expressed their surprise to McCain that Frist had lodged such a complaint as nearly every journalist there was aware of the number of times that the bar on evidence requests had been lowered by the Democrats.
I have a hard time seeing how a protracted standoff benefits conservative Republicans. Support for Bolton has gone down as his name recognition has gone up. Right now, Bush doesn't have the political leverage to win this fight. Support for the Iraq war is eroding. Gitmo has become an embarrassment to the U.S. The Downing Street Memo has reopened debate over the deceptions used to march us into war. Bush's poll numbers on Iraq are bad and getting worse. The White House can complain about obstruction all they like, but the longer this story runs, the worse it gets, not just for Bolton himself, but for the entire neocon foreign policy apparatus.


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