Monday, June 13, 2005

A New Flag for Flag Day

Via the All Spin Zone, we learn that The 700 Club will be celebrating Flag Day on Tuesday by selling a new flag. As reported in the Baltimore Sun, Marcia Thompson Eldreth has designed a Christian flag for the U.S.:

In her rendition, the eagle soars in a sky-blue field encircled by a band of red, representing the blood of Christ, encircled by another band of blue representing Christ's bruises. Flying on a ribbon in the eagle's beak is a quote from Matthew 24: "Take heed that no man deceive you." A blue border tracing the rectangle of the flag is salted with 50 stars, representing, Eldreth said, "American Christians in each of the 50 states."
There's a new Pledge of Allegiance to go with it:
I pledge allegiance, to the Christian Flag,

of the United States of America,

and to the Lord, who made us great and free.

I purpose, to band together, with all believers,

to protect the truth and liberty of God.


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