Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hillary Haters Hardly Happy

The trial of former campaign staffer David Rosen will not be about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to the prosecutor:
The federal prosecutor in the trial of Hillary Clinton's campaign finance director took pains yesterday to exonerate the New York senator.
Finance chief David Rosen kept from the feds the true cost of his over-the-top spending on a lavish Hollywood fund-raiser in August 2000 because he didn't want Clinton to find out about it, the prosecutor said.
"There's no evidence that Hillary Clinton was involved in this in any way, shape or form," U.S. Attorney Peter Zeidenberg told the 12-member Los Angeles jury in his opening statement."
In fact, it was just the opposite."


Blogger Ma Tiny said...

Hillary haters hardly happy?

Hee hee!

2:15 PM, May 12, 2005  

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