Thursday, May 12, 2005

Senator Voinovich Dissents

Senator George Voinovich just announced that he will not vote to confirm John Bolton's nomination, though he would support sending the nomination to the Senate floor. Joe Biden responded, "So much for partisanship."
It looks like Mr. Voinovich did his homework. The NYT published a telling comment from the Ohio senator:
Mr. Voinovich, who had indicated concerns about Mr. Bolton in a hearing last month, did so today. "I like Mr. Bolton," the senator said. "I think he's a decent man."
But the senator said Mr. Bolton had "serious deficiencies" that would make him the wrong man for the United Nations post, and that his difficult personality would have got him "fired - fired - if he worked for a major corporation."
This is far from over, but Steve Clemons of The Washington Note deserves a medal for his outstanding work on Bolton.


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