Monday, November 15, 2010

Bridging the Gap on Climate Change

I'm back from my brief hiatus from blogging, looking at a more difficult political landscape (except in Delaware, of course).

Tom Toles offers this glum perspective on
bridging the gap between climate activists and the denial crowd.
It is a sharp divide. Bridging it will require some rethinking on both sides of the chasm—a subject I intend to discuss. Mind you, I am not one who thinks the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But I do believe we have to take a fresh look at the issue. Stay tuned.


Anonymous kavips said...

The best line on this so far, is .. if you kid was dying, and 98% of the doctors told you to do one thing, and 2% of the doctors told you to do the other, ... If you choose the 2%, you shouldn't be a parent.....

12:30 AM, November 20, 2010  

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