Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TommyWonk Reports on the House Race for the Huffington Post

Thanks to the national media's keen interest in Delaware, I have now debuted in the Huffington Post with a piece on the campaign for Delaware's House seat:
Rollins and Urquhart were both campaigning at an arts festival in Wilmington on Sunday, standing no more than forty feet from each other. When I asked Urquhart how the divisions would affect the party, he said that he "wants to be a healer" after Tuesday's primary, though he added that the party would have to stand on conservative principles. Rollins said, "The Republican Party has to come together," while placing the onus of making up on the other campaign, saying "Old Delaware would never do or say the kinds of things we have seen in this campaign."
The Old Delaware GOP could be in for a shock unlike anything we have ever seen. Stay tuned.


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