Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Broad Support for Recycling in Delaware

The Senate Natural Resources & Environmental Control Committee hearing on SB 234 lasted nearly two hours. The committee heard from 16 witnesses representing the business and environmental communities.
SB 234 would establish universal curbside recycling, eliminate the current five cent bottle deposit and replace it with a four cent fee that would go away in four years.
A crowded hearing room is often a sign that a bill is in trouble, but not this time. Most of the witnesses from both sides support the bill.
The retailers who don't like the bottle bill support SB 234, as do the grocery stores, restaurant association and beer distributors. The independent waste haulers like the bill, except for two words out of 14 pages. A couple of narrow business interests argue for keeping a multiple stream system instead of moving to single stream. I and others argued the single stream recycling is far more efficient and encourages greater participation.
The Delaware Nature Society, Clean Air Council, Zero Waste Working Group, Recycling Public Advisory Committee and League of Women Voters all support the bill. The Surfrider Foundation voiced its support while asking to keep the bottle deposit, as did a woman representing a group called Recycle First State.
Committee chairman Dave McBride said he will hold the record open for written comments through next Wednesday and then move the bill to the Senate floor for a vote Thursday, April 29. Stay tuned.


Anonymous SW said...

Congratulations to those who have worked hard for years for increased recycling in Delaware. It is very regretful, however, that the bottle deposit will not be expanded. An improved bottle bill and curbside recycling together would greatly improve both recycling rates and funding for curbside recycling. Please note that Campaign for Recycling has taken a oppose unless amended position.

12:01 PM, April 22, 2010  

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