Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More on the Un-Bottle Bill

My post yesterday on the un-bottle bill has now generated more public comment than the General Assembly heard in considering HB 201. Surely the repeal of such an important program deserves more than a perfunctory discussion.
Several commenters raised questions about diversion rates, handling and who keeps the nickel. All these are worthwhile questions that should be more fully considered—consideration they were not given by the General Assembly. No analysis was presented as to the effect on recycling rates if the bill were passed, though one or two legislators did offer the unsubstantiated opinion that recycling would increase if the bottle bill were rescinded.
As far as I'm concerned the burden of proof is on the supporters of HB 201 to show that it would not adversely affect recycling in Delaware. They have not met that burden.
If you agree that such a significant change in policy deserves more thorough discussion and analysis, please contact Governor Markell today and ask him to veto HB 201.


Blogger Steve said...

We need to keep the heat on the Gov on this issue.

Delaware Online editorial today "Don't do away with Bottle Bill, fix it to recycle all containers"


1:29 PM, July 16, 2009  

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