Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Climate Prosperity Strategy for Delaware

Governor Jack Markell has scheduled a media conference call on Monday to announce his intention to take part in a "landmark climate prosperity initiative" to promote sustainable economic development.
As a candidate, Markell proposed just such an effort that would foster energy modernization services for businesses and homes, a global green supply chain service for Delaware businesses, eco-knowledge clusters and a green talent initiative.
These initiatives would benefit homes and businesses here in Delaware by reducing energy costs. But even more important would be developing technologies and expertise that could be exported to customers outside Delaware.
For instance, the University of Delaware's vehicle to grid (or V2G) project would use electric cars to store power from the grid during off-peak hours and feed it back when demand peaks. Storing power when it's cheap and feeding it back to the grid when it's expensive would benefit the vehicle owner and all power users. If this succeeds, Delaware could become a leader in an innovative new technology.
I'm told the climate prosperity initiative will focus on creating partnerships with academia, businesses and foundations, which is important when the state is facing such a dire budget deficit. But for Delaware to recover, the state has to start promoting new development, and not simply wait for economic conditions to turn around.
I'll have more on the proposal on Monday.


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