Monday, December 29, 2008

The Meaning of Christmas

I had a great Christmas weekend, unspoiled by the failure of several retail workers to wish me Merry Christmas. But then, I don't expect others to practice my religion on my behalf. I don't expect others to show up for worship at my church, or gather with my family, or give to others if I can't be bothered. The exercise of my beliefs is up to me.
But those who flog the old war on Christmas every holiday season seem to place a great deal of importance on how they are greeted by those who work in the retail industry. I fail to understand how the practice of my faith is strengthened or weakened by the way perfect strangers speak to me. Retail workers have put in long hours for little pay in a dismal economy, and been forced to listen to endless loops of bad holiday music for weeks on end. They've worked hard enough this season, and shouldn't be expected to shoulder the responsibility of upholding my religious beliefs.


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