Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Try Something

If campaigning isn't working out so well, then maybe it's time to try not campaigning:
Senator John McCain said Wednesday that he planned to suspend campaigning on Thursday, and seek a delay in this week’s planned presidential debate, so that he could return to Washington to try to forge a consensus on a financial bailout package.
What does he think he's gonna do? Show up Thursday and say, Hey guys, whatcha working on?
In ten days, John McCain has said that the economy's fundamentals are sound, declared that he would fire SEC chairman Christopher Cox when he couldn't, repeated his assertion that markets don't need more regulatory oversight, agreed that the bailout requires more oversight, returned to the idea of diverting Social Security funds into private investment accounts, discussed a joint statement on the bailout with Barack Obama, and finally just announced he was suspending campaigning until further notice—out of sheer exhaustion I suppose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the opposite reaction when I heard it announced during a break in the Rick Jensen show...

"Wow, that's a bold move" i thought.

It sure shoots the hell out of all the crap I had been throwing his way, over how he was handling himself during this crises.......

6:23 PM, September 24, 2008  
Blogger Tom Noyes said...

If John McCain had been slaving away at the details of a draft proposal and said we needed more time to get this done, that would be one thing.

But he spent this morning talking to Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild (maybe she could spot us a few bucks), and later sat for an interview with Katie Couric. He won't get back to D.C. until tomorrow afternoon.

7:13 PM, September 24, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kavips, you mean to say that one McCain move wipes out all the crap?

You are not fully informed on what came down yesterday.

The Obama campaign initiated the contact in the morning that the two ought to make a joint statement. McCain did not respond. Then came McCain's announcement to suspend his campaign mid-afternoon, without acknowledging Obama's initiative.

Both Rep Barney Frank and Sen Chris Dodd, the key Congressional figures on the Bailout, claimed that much progress has already been made. Moreoer, Dodd said he has not heard a word from McCain, whereas Obama has been in frequent communication with him. Frank called McCain's maneuver a "stunt".

The only benefit I can see for McCain being in DC is to rein in members of his own party who support doing nothing!

And you forgot to say that McCain is calling for a cancellation of the Friday debate, and the VP debate as well next Wednesday.

In my view, McCain's behavior yesterday indicates political weakness and desperation.

I am surprised, kavips, at your very narrow (or uninformed?) perception of yesterday's events!

Perry Hood

8:47 AM, September 25, 2008  

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