Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My City Councilman

We are now four weeks away from the primary election. With hotly contested races from top to bottom, I expect the turnout on the Democratic side to be the highest in years. While I'm going to be in Denver in two weeks to hobnob with the national party, I haven't forgotten that there's still nothing quite like retail politics. There's a visceral quality to politics on the street level: conversations with neighbors, the smell of fresh ink on yard signs and sore feet at the end of a Saturday lit drop.
Cam Hay is my city councilman. When Gerald Brady was elected as state representative in 2006, Cam was selected by Council to fill his seat.
Cam's most significant accomplishment in his short time on Council is the thorough revision of the comprehensive plan and zoning map for the 8th district. When Cam came into office, the district was embroiled in land use fights that left citizens frustrated with their inability to control the future of their neighborhoods.
Cam sponsored a review process that involved city planners and civic leaders in revising the zoning map piece by piece. Their recommendations were adopted unanimously by Council—a far cry from recent battles that left residents feeling that their city government was unable to protect them from unsustainable development.
Cam also sponsored a resolution putting Council on record as supporting offshore wind power in Delaware, so my readers won't be surprised to read that I am supporting Cam and working on his campaign.
Cam has been going door to door in the district, so if you live in my part of town, don't be surprised to see him on your front steps.
Cam has two opponents: Joe Zilcosky, who garnered a few votes in the primary against Gerald Brady in 2006, and Steve Martelli, an ex-cop. As a recent addition to City Council, Cam is taking the election seriously and working hard to earn the votes of his neighbors.


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