Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Last Chance to Speak for Wind Power in Delaware

We're not done yet. The Public Service Commission (PSC) is holding a public meeting on the power purchase agreement between Delmarva Power and Bluewater Wind. Citizens will be able to speak to the PSC at the meeting tomorrow, Thursday at 7:00 PM in the House Chamber in Legislative Hall.
This is the last chance for citizens to speak up before the PSC, the Office of Management & Budget, DNREC's Energy Office and the Controller General meet to make a final decision on July 31.
The PSC has posted a brief (if technical) presentation by its independent consultant on the PPA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

O'Malley supports bringing Maryland onboard for wind farm; bashes Bush offshore drilling proposal.

From today's Baltimore Sun:,0,499030.story

10:09 AM, July 16, 2008  

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