Monday, June 02, 2008

Four Weeks Left to Bring Wind Power to Delaware

As of tomorrow, the Senate will have 13 legislative days left to act on wind power. The General Assembly meets Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for each of the next four weeks, and concludes its business on Monday, June 30. I don't expect House Concurrent Resolution 38 to come up this week. But we need to get it on the Senate agenda before the month closes.
Legislators know how the majority of Delawareans feel about the chance to become the first state in the U.S. to move forward with offshore wind power.
We've heard the arguments from wind power opponents. Delmarva Power will continue to exaggerate the cost of the Bluewater Wind project using scary numbers that have nothing to do with the wind power agreement now on the table, while presenting sketchy numbers for onshore, out-of-state wind.
We know the benefits. Offshore wind power will provide us with 25 years of clean energy at a fixed cost. If fossil fuel prices continue to climb (and who thinks they won’t?) the Bluewater Wind project will provide a measure of price stability to our electric bills that no other option can give us.
The fight to bring offshore wind power to Delaware no longer hinges on careful analysis, but on staying power.
I'm tired. You're tired. But not too tired, I hope, to call your senator once more to urge that HCR 38 be brought to the floor for an up-or-down vote.
Do you think Gary Stockbridge and the other executives at Delmarva Power have given up? Don't count on it.
Delmarva Power is hoping to hang this up for the next four weeks in order to buy time until early next year. We cannot allow that to happen. So if you've called your senator, call again, even if you're already on a first-name basis with the Senate staff.
Contact information for senators
is posted here. If you don’t know who your senator is, click here.
Please call your senator to demand that they choose wind power based on the facts—not Delmarva Power’s scare tactics.
Lt. Gov. John Carney is gathering signatures for an online petition over at his campaign website.
You can also sign a petition asking for action at Citizens for a Better Sussex.


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