Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Delaware General Assembly Passes Wind Power Bill

I was at a fund raising event for Cam Hay, my city councilman, when I got the call from Pat Gearity: The wind power bill had passed. Passed the Senate? No, passed both houses. I was stunned.
This is what's described in Leg Hall lingo as greased. The bill wasn't even in the system when I headed out the door this evening. The News Journal explains:
Senate Bill 328 was filed on the floor by Majority Leader Sen. Anthony DeLuca, D-Varlano, moments before it was considered for a vote.
The bill passed the Senate at 5:30:07, and was walked over to the House, which promptly passed it at 6:19:31. Pat called at 6:36 to give me the news.

The vote was unanimous: 21 to zero in the Senate, 41 to zero in the House. All 62 members of the Delaware General Assembly signed on as sponsors.
As for what the bill does, the synopsis reads:
This bill promotes the establishment of clean offshore wind energy off the coast of Delaware, while minimizing the cost concerns related to offshore wind installations and encouraging DPL to execute offshore wind power purchase agreements for customers by: (1) Creating a 350% offshore wind renewable energy credit multiplier, (2) Making the 350% renewable energy credit multiplier available for the life of offshore wind contracts, and (3) spreading both the cost and the benefits of offshore wind power contracts executed by DPL to DPL's entire customer base, rather than only to DPL’s standard offer service customers.
I posted a summary of the deal here on Monday. When I got back to my computer, I had an e-mail from Jeremy Firestone with the header, "Legislation on Governor's desk," followed a few minutes later by another, "Nope, she signed it!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On we go...

9:27 PM, June 25, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While the mood is rightly celebratory, we won't soon forget that this was a huge struggle nor will we lightly grace the players who continutally gummed up the works.
The SEU and the RGGI $$ loom as immediate next targets in light of the further rise of energy costs. Wresting control back from the brink won't be easy.
On we go.

9:46 PM, June 25, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to talk about that "Hollywood movie?" quip a few days ago. Who would play that dynamic Clark Kent of the blogging world, the mild-mannered ace investigator/author with the big "S" on his chest, Tom Noyes?

Nominations are open NOW!!
My vote: Ben Affleck

10:23 PM, June 25, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matthew McConaughey.

Tom, more than anyone, you deserve credit for this deal getting done. You weren't in the room with BWW and Delmarva, but they both knew that you would be ready to dispel any of Delmarva's BS tactics if the deal didn't get done.

I owe you a scotch.

10:46 PM, June 25, 2008  
Blogger Tom Noyes said...

Robert Redford isn't available? How about Viggo Mortensen?

6:00 AM, June 26, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should play yourself, and then do the Woody Guthrie story and then.... next song may be Unsung will be prominently featured....this is a great start for Delaware and all of us breathing air...Talked to Peter M. and he is coming on the show soon, thought you might have a neat editorial, maybe same show?...Thanks Tom for all your hard work and tenacity, quite inspiring. Warmest Regards..Paul Hughes...

8:27 AM, June 26, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As little as a few weeks ago I would have bet good money that this thing would have been scuttled at the last minute.

Just goes to show that if you hit them in the head hard enough and long enough, even our thick-headed legislators can be made to get the message.

Come November, let us be sure remember who's been naughty and who's been nice. Let us also hope that Delmarva is not allowed to recoupe a nickel of ratepayer's money for all it has spent on anti-wind propaganda.

9:26 AM, June 26, 2008  

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