Thursday, April 10, 2008

TommyWonk on WDEL in the Noon Hour

Allan Loudell has invited me back on WDEL, 1150 AM at 12:15 today to discuss the latest news on wind power. Delmarva Power and Harris McDowell have been busy this week throwing roadblocks in the way of Bluewater Wind. But then we knew that, didn't we.
What we don't know at this hour is whether the Republican caucus will allow HCR 38 to come for a vote today. I'm told the caucus will hear once again from Delmarva Power on the company's rather sketchy numbers for onshore wind power. Maria Evans of WGMD describes the one page summary as "a little short on information."
If you miss me during the noon hour, WDEL also posts podcasts of recent interviews.
Update: Dana at Delaware Watch has my noon hour interview. Allan called back to follow up on the story at about 4:25 this evening--just in time for me to tell him the House was going back into session to vote on HCR 38.


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