Monday, March 24, 2008

Voters Like Obama's Speech on Race

It's not hard to understand why some would like to make the most of Barack Obama's connection to the controversial Rev. Wright, and paint him as beyond the pale, as it were.
However, a CBS News poll suggests that most Americans like the way Obama handled the matter, and approve of his speech on race and religion.
Among voters following the events, 69 percent thought Obama did a good job addressing race relations, while only 30 percent thought he did a poor job.
71 percent thought he did a good job explaining Wright, while only 24 percent thought he did a poor job.
When asked if they agree or disagree with Obama's views on race relations, the response was 63 percent to 25 percent among all voters, and 43 percent to 39 percent among Republicans.
His favorable/unfavorable ratings hardly budged. When asked whether the controversy would make them more or less likely to vote for Obama, 14 percent said more likely and 14 percent said less likely.
In other words, most voters like what Obama has to say about race in this country.


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