Tuesday, December 04, 2007

No Nukes

World War III, IV or Whatever has been cancelled. As the New York Times and nearly every other news organization has reported the rationale for bombing Iran has evaporated:
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 — Rarely, if ever, has a single intelligence report so completely, so suddenly, and so surprisingly altered a foreign policy debate here.
An administration that had cited Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons as the rationale for an aggressive foreign policy — as an attempt to head off World War III, as President Bush himself put it only weeks ago — now has in its hands a classified document that undercuts much of the foundation for that approach.
Not that there aren't some still beating the war drums:

There are still hawks in the administration, Vice President Dick Cheney chief among them, who view Iran with deep suspicion. But for now at least, the main argument for a military conflict with Iran — widely rumored and feared, judging by antiwar protesters that often greet Mr. Bush during his travels — is off the table for the foreseeable future.
As Senator Chuck Hagel, Republican of Nebraska, put it, the intelligence finding removes, “if nothing else, the urgency that we have to attack Iran, or knock out facilities.” He added: “I don’t think you can overstate the importance of this.”

Perhaps a long overdue sense of realism is sinking in:
After all, the first two wars on Mr. Bush’s watch remain unresolved at best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is with these middle east dictatorial types anyway? They are so bound up with pride that they CANNOT show any signs of weakness.

So the leader of the free world goes out and says how big and powerful and dangerous they are and they CANNOT even bring themselves to say, "no we aren't". They just have to take the macho route instead.

Sadam would be alive and in power today if he had just said, "Come see". I'madinnerjacket has apparently played the same game and now is caught.

Is there a lesson to be learned by our foreign policy "experts" here? Talk about cultural deafness! Jeez.

10:00 AM, December 04, 2007  

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