Monday, November 05, 2007

TommyWonk's Wind Power Road Show

I'm back home after a busy weekend talking about, what else, wind power.
Saturday's rally in Rehoboth was a success in several respects. It was inspiring to join a hundred hardy citizens, including an enthusiastic cadre of kids, willing to endure blustery winds for an hour to show their support for wind power. I got to meet with the Sussex County environmental leaders, including John Austin, Joan Deaver, Kim Furtado, Pat Gearity and Kit Zak. I met Marc Weiss and Nancy Sedmak-Weiss, who recently settled in Rehoboth from Washington D.C., and organized the rally in just a week as part of a national effort called StepItUp2007.
You can read more about the rally at the WGMD blog and the Delaware page at the StepItUp website.
Most importantly, the rally wasn't a one time event; all of the people will be meeting regularly to plan strategy and tactics.
On Sunday I spoke a a seminar that Marc and Nancy set up as part of the enormous PowerShift conference at the University of Maryland. 5,500 students attended the conference; eight joined our little session in a basement classroom. But what a group! One student from Dartmouth had done more homework on the federal regulatory hurdles to offshore wind than just about anybody. These students were interested in more than easy slogans; we discussed the policy, politics, economics and environmental impact of wind power for ninety minutes.
Back home, there's plenty going on. Aaron Nathan's article in yesterday's News Journal was encouraging, and not just because he included my comment on how Bluewater could hedge its materials costs. Bluewater Wind is seeking ways to address the problems identified in
the Public Service Commission staff report. John Carney and Jack Markell have both spoken in favor of letting the negotiations continue. In particular, Carney's comment can be taken as an encouraging sign that the state agencies aren't about to pull the plug on negotiations.
The 7 & 40 Alliance has invited representatives from Bluewater Wind and Delmarva Power to talk tonight at the Bear Library. Nancy Willing has more on what should be an interesting evening.


Blogger Delaware Watch said...

I wish I had known about the rally at Rehoboth Beach. I support the cause but mostly I love a good trip to the beach when the traffic isn't heavy.

It's part of my considerable superficiality. :)

9:28 PM, November 07, 2007  

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