Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Short and Long of Wind Power

Gary Stockbridge of Delmarva Power and Peter Mandelstam of Bluewater Wind published op-eds in today's News Journal. Here's a shorter version of Stockbridge's piece:
We're for renewable energy, just not here and now.
Not here means not here in Delaware. Not now means let's scrap the RFP negotiations and start the whole process over without the requirement that Delmarva actually make a long term commitment to buy renewable energy.
If you're looking for some heavier reading, kavips has a good and rather lengthy summary of the report from Bluewater's consultant, including no fewer than 13 charts and tables from the report. The report itself along with other filings and several thousand letters can be found at the PSC's website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We're for renewable energy, just not here and now..."
So,if not here and now, WHERE and WHEN ??? You guy's been talking "Energy Independence" since the early 70's. So tell us, please, Where and When.

11:56 AM, November 21, 2007  

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