Friday, September 14, 2007

TommyWonk to Talk Wind Power on WDEL this Evening

I've been invited back on WDEL 1150 AM to discuss the latest news on the wind power negotiations with Allan Loudell. I'm coming on at 5:23 this evening.
As I noted below, Delmarva Power is submitting a term sheet to the PSC for an agreement that the company hasn't agreed to. Confused? Tune in and we'll try to clear it all up for you.
UPDATE: Allan and I managed to get to the heart of the story, which is Delmava's including a provision that it could hold up the deal by proceeding with litigation already filed challenging the legal basis of the negotiations. Delmarva is again citing concern for the effect on ratepayers as the reason for balking. Presumably we can trust our public agencies to look after the public interest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember to mention the pointy devil teeth and lack of breastfeeding.

3:27 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Tom Noyes said...

Sorry Jason; we ran out of time.

7:34 PM, September 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just want to briefly comment on some of the possibilities lurking in the "deep waters" referred to on the show.

Q: Is there anything the General Assembly can do to remedy this issue that Delmarva keeps bringing up?

A: The General Assembly can do whatever it wants, as long as the people of Delaware support it. That is the reason it is there; to make laws. And in this state, 94% support getting energy from wind.

There are several options that the General Assembly can pursue however. Some states have a state run power authority that makes all decisions and utilities more or less have no choice but to follow. Delaware could explore that route. Delmarva would be wise to quietly back down and not to push us down that direction. For once that route is glimpsed, it quickly and politically becomes a very attractive route to follow......

Secondly, a legal maneuver, could be passed by the GA and signed by the governor, that says all aspects of the consumer, health, environmental, as well as financial, shall be taken into account whenever "deciding what is best for Delaware's consumers"......would strike down even the flimsiest excuse that Delmarva now has to continue its delaying tactic of a lawsuit.

Thirdly, the State of Delaware could file it's own lawsuit against Delmarva, in defense of its citizens who will be forced to pay perhaps quadruple their current rates, if the carbon market goes ballistic, in order to recover the losses criminally caused by Delmarva's foot dragging on this issue.

And lastly, a Draconian measure, but still possible with 94% of the public behind it.....a bill could be passed criminalizing any of the delaying tactics and forcing jail time upon those responsible for preventing Delaware's energy needs from being met ASAP.

Deep waters indeed.... But 94% is an "amazing number" rarely found in a truly democratic system......

Again thanks for your time and energy in "putting this message out there."

12:29 AM, September 15, 2007  

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