Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Conectiv Wants the PSC to Reconsider

The News Journal reports that an attorney for Conectiv Energy thinks the Public Service Commission (PSC) made a terrible mistake in directing Delmarva Power to negotiate with Bluewater Wind to build an offshore wind farm. Conectiv attorney Elizabeth Wilburn contends that the PSC caved to public opinion, and wants the PSC to reverse itself and pick Conectiv’s proposal to build a new natural gas facility on Hay Road near Wilmington:
"It is easy for the state agencies to capitulate to public opinion and to conclude that wind generation is more environmentally friendly than generation from fossil fuels," Wilburn wrote. But she said lawmakers instead "directed the state agencies to conduct a well-reasoned evaluation of all factors that results in the greatest long-term system benefits in the most cost-effective manner."
Which is what the PSC, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and Controller General did.
But Wilburn maintains that if the PSC insists on making such a terrible mistake, it should allow Conectiv and NRG (which proposed a coal gasification plant) should be allowed to submit competing proposals for a wind farm. Neither company has any experience with wind power.
Nick Di Pasquale, former DNREC secretary and conservation chairman for the Delaware Audubon Society, says Conectiv’s argument, too little too late:
"This is more than the 11th hour. This is past midnight," Di Pasquale said. "It's just another way to disrupt the process."
The PSC, in Order No. 7199, expressed its intent that negotiations proceed on a relatively fast track:
We suggest conclusion of negotiations within a 30 to 60 day time frame maximum; however, to the extent that there is continuing progress we can accept some extension in that process.
Given Conectiv’s posturing, I suspect that the negotiations have yet to show much progress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the hose race to see who is the biggest horse's behind, first it was NRG's sour grapes, and then Delmarva's I don't want to play. Now we have Conectiv wanting to start the race over.

Someone needs to stip the service area from Delmarva/Conectiv and send them packing.

12:01 PM, June 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One should not be surprised.......Having been given free reign to exert their will for so long, the hypocrisy behind Connectiv's argument, that elected government should not succumb to the will of its people, would be unseen by them.

Realistically, here is what happened on the inside. "Conectiv "Attorney Elizabeth Wilburn, we, the board, do hereby order you to derail this process forcing Delmarva to negotiate with Blue Water Wind."

Yes, sirs, I will get it done....."

Laughable attempt... And this is all they get for their money? How can anyone ever take her seriously in the courtroom again, should she ever show up to defend a case:"

"And representing Delmarva Power will be.....Elizabeth Wilburn....(snicker, snicker,heh, heh, isn't she, yes, I believe it is her...she's the one, she's the one it is, she's the one who said that the role of an elected governments is not to listen to the will of their people.....oh my gosh, I believe I will have to laugh out loud.....Oh dear.....I have to leave the courtroom......before I make a scene..........wait a second,....everyone else is busting a seem as well....)

How much did they pay her? And this is the best she can do?
I believe I will have to laugh out loud.......

12:05 PM, June 15, 2007  

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