Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pete du Pont and Climate Change

Coeruleus at She Flies With Her Own Wings takes on the latest anti-global warming diatribe from former Delaware governor Pete du Pont:
They [climate change skeptics] do this by cherry-picking climate change facts to suggest that we can't do much about it anyway, and they cherry-pick the effects of environmental regulations to imply that only the dirty hippies would ever think of proposing such madness. Here's a list of all the dirty hippies like General Electric Co., Citigroup, DuPont, Volvo, American Electric Power Co. Inc. and Exelon Corp who have come together to ask for regulations to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The joint statement makes clear that this is a long-term problem that requires long-term solutions, and that these solutions will not immediately cause the world economy to collapse but rather if we begin implementing strategies now we can slow the rate of warming and have a vibrant economy.
Among his obfuscations and selective factoids, Pete offers up the unscientific fallacy of asking if one spot on the globe is getting cooler, then how can the entire planet be getting warmer?
Pete went into a kind of political retrograde motion since finishing his two terms as governor in 1985. His Opinion Journal column has been a fount of frat boy conservatism; a low point was a column in 2000 with the headline, “Gore carries the Porn Belt.” That’s right;
a former governor characterizes his home state as located in the “Porn Belt.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Gore carries the Porn Belt.”

Well, sure, if you only count human-to-human porn.

3:25 PM, February 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your dirty hippy list is getting quite respectable. Has anyone else noted that since the November elections, the increase in the number of defections by many administration supporters over to the "warming camp"?

I can only guess that Cheney's influence has ebbed to where he doesn't matter anymore.

6:44 AM, February 23, 2007  

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