Monday, September 25, 2006

Righting the Ship of State

Joe Biden and Wes Clark are two of the strongest voices criticizing our current foreign policy, whose credibility is underscored by their willingness to offer prescriptions for extracting the United States from the mess that the current Republican regime has created.
Nancy at The Delaware Way highlights this story on new discussions on federalism in Iraq. Nancy correctly points out that Joe Biden has proposed just such a federalist approach as way to overcome sectarian divisions in Iraq--an approach I have previously mentioned.
Wes Clark focuses on Afganistan in this piece published in Newsweek International. The fact that Afganistan is now at risk is just more evidence that our president has not kept his eye on the ball.
Over the weekend, findings of a national security estimate were brought to light, findings that findings cast further doubt on the wisdom and efficacy of our current foreign policy. Because we are governed by a system that allows for dissent, statesmen like Senator Biden and General Clark are free to criticize our current policy and offer policy alternatives to make us safer instead of fueling further disorder in the world. When it is hard to identify any area in which Bush and his apologists have been able to advance the national interest, such dissent should not only to be tolerated, but should be welcomed.


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