Friday, July 07, 2006

Global Warming Debate: Solved?

The UPI has published this snippet from President Bush's interview in People magazine on what he calls "a worthy debate" on global warming:
"It's a debate, actually, that I'm in the process of solving by advancing new technologies, burning coal cleanly in electric plants, or promoting hydrogen-powered automobiles, or advancing ethanol as an alternative to gasoline," he said.
You're not alone if you think that "solving" a "debate" is a non-sequiter bordering on the poetic. I guess we can add "solver" to his job description along with "decider."
As for what he is solving:
Bush said the major question on climate change is whether it is caused by human activities.
Apparently, solving the the debate means not answering the question, followed by a recitation of techonologies designed to give the impression that he's actually doing something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are you going to comment on the racist comments by Biden?

12:17 PM, July 08, 2006  

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