Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why Another Tax Break for Billionaires?

Via Delawareliberal, we learn that the Senate is poised to vote to permanently eliminate the estate tax, which affects less than one percent of the richest Americans.
Unfortunately Jason's headline (If Carper or Biden Vote for this, they should be TOAST!!) betrays a tendency among Dems to get tough with our own side when we should be getting tough with the other side.
For instance, let's ask Mike Castle whether he supports this billionaires' boondoggle.
Next, let's ask where is the new Treasury Secretary nominee, Henry Paulson, is on this issue. Let's put him on the spot on blowing another hole in the sinking ship that is our federal budget.
It looks like he is getting the Paul O'Neil treatment before he even gets to appear before the Senate for confirmation hearings. For those who want to know what the Paul O'Neil treatment is, check out Ron Susskind's excellent book, The Price of Loyalty, on how Bush's first Treasury Secretary was sandbagged while we pissed away the budget surplus.


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