Wednesday, May 10, 2006

HUD Spokesperson Says Her Boss Lied

Here's something we don't hear every day: a spokesperson explaining that her boss lied.
From the AP, we learn that Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson actually lied about politicizing the department's procurement process:
A spokeswoman acknowledged that Jackson told the story. But, she said, the story was untrue.
"The secretary's story was anecdotal. He is not part of the contracting process," said HUD spokeswoman Dustee Tucker. "He was trying to explain to this group how politics works in D.C."
Oh, so it was a civics lesson, or perhaps a parable in the wicked ways of Washington. Here's what Secretary Jackson said:
"He came to see me and thank me for selecting him. Then he said something ... he said, 'I have a problem with your president,'" Jackson told the group, according to the newspaper.
"I said, 'What do you mean?' He said, 'I don't like President Bush.'" Jackson told the group, which promotes business opportunities for minorities in the real estate industry.
"He didn't get the contract," Jackson said. "Why should I reward someone who doesn't like the president, so they can use funds to try to campaign against the president? Logic says they don't get the contract. That's the way I believe."


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