Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Democrat for Congress Dennis Spivack Starts a Blog

Dennis Spivack, the Democrat who is challenging Mike Castle for Congress has created a blog, and he's off to a great start. Yesterday the topic was immigration:
For instance, you probably didn’t know that the first person to die during the invasion of Iraq illegally came to America from Guatemala. His name was Jose Gutierrez.
No I didn't know. The House version of immigration reform is particularly harsh:
--People could be denied entry based on their political views.
--If an immigration agent suspected anyone within 100 miles of a land border of being in the country illegally, they would have the power to have the person immediately deported without a trial.
--In court hearings, "Secret evidence" could be used against immigrants, who would not have access to the evidence.
--All children born to illegal immigrants in the United States would become wards of the state.
--Housing of illegals would be considered a felony and subject to no less than 3 years in prison.
Immigrant families do not come to the U.S. to undermine our values; they come to the U.S. because they embrace our values and are willing to work extremely hard to make a better life for themselves. The punitive House immigration bill is creating problems for Republicans, who have tried to court Latino voters and now risk alienating a growing population. Yes immigrants don't vote, but they are part of large communities of people who do vote. Arguments about immigrants not sharing "our culture" fail to appreciate the ways in which immigrants have wholeheartedly embrace American ideals.
Dennis Spivack's blog is bracing reading. Every word is devoted to pointing out his differences with the incumbent. Taking on Mike Castle is a tough job, but Spivack is doing it full bore will clear, cogent arguments on why voters should retire the incumbent in order to kick out the corrupt, incompetent Republican regime in the House of Representatives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just an amateur poet. Maybe my verse creations would not help the Spivack campaign, but you can be the judge. Here they are;


If you agree that the Bush regime
Is ruining all that we hold dear,
You should know that it couldn't be done
Without the Congress as overseer.

Congressman Castle prides himself
On his starring role in the GOP,
Ready to rubber stamp every Bush crime
And proudly does it for all to see.

If you think the Castle is impregnable
Because of its corporate moat,
Be advised of the impending Spivack attack
And back him with your vote.


The Spivack attack is not a Rovian
Assault with smearing accusations
That try to make opponents appear
Worse than accusers' devastations.

In its stead an account of Castle's misdeeds
Replete with truthful documentation,
Followed by careful planning to undo
Each and every misappropriation:

The ending of the tragic war
That never should have been,
The jailing of the profiteers
In arms, drugs, oil and clean-up men.

Education and the environment
Have been allowed to deteriorate.
Also health care and the economy.
All need Democrats to ameliorate.

Democrat Spivack in Congress will erase
One more hurtful Republican vote.
Recovery from their fascist rule
Requires a Democratic antidote.

September 17, 2006

3:07 PM, September 17, 2006  

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