Thursday, February 09, 2006

NASA and the Truth: Part 2

James Hansen is a senior scientist and director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. But George Deutsch, the political appointee who lied about having graduated from college, thinks he's better able to judge what Dr. Hansen should or should not discuss concerning science and the public interest. The New York Times reports that Mr. Deutsch, who's job it was to muzzle scientists like Dr. Hansen, replied to his critics in a radio interview:
Mr. Deutsch contended that although Dr. Hansen was a scientist, he wanted to talk about policy as well as science. "He wants to demean the president, he wants to demean the administration and create a false perception that the administration is watering down science and lying to the public," Mr. Deutsch said. "And that is patently false."
The interview was conducted by Brian Cain, 25, a reporter for the station and a senior at the university who worked with Mr. Deutsch briefly at The Battalion, the school newspaper, in 2004.
So if you're a senior scientist, you can't talk about science and policy, but if you're a junior political hack with a few month's experience with the Bush campaign, you can decide who says what about the future of the planet.
You can listen to the guy whine at WTAW's Website.


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