Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bill O'Reilly's Christmas Tirade: Fox News, Are You Listening?

I hate to pick on Bill O'Reilly, especially since he has a prime-time network media show and I have a blog with a rather modest (though tasteful) readership. But his tiresome tirade about being the last man standing willing to speak up for Christmas cannot go unchallenged. Media Matter for America has the transcript from O'Reilly's appearance yesterday on the Fox News program, Your World with Neil Cavuto:
Then the business community says we don't want to offend anybody, so we're not going to say "Merry Christmas." We're going to say "Happy Holidays, all right? That offends millions of Christians, see?
O'Reilly continues, in his customary measured tone:
This is America. This is the big commercial holiday. You're not going to acknowledge the holiday? Then I'm not shopping there.
Having been aroused to the danger facing our heritage as a Christian nation, I began looking into the matter, starting with Fox News, which is promoting its "Christmas and Chanukah Collection" on its website.
The collection includes this O'Reilly Factor Christmas Ornament for $9.95, which fails to reveal any evidence of religious sentiment. The set of three Fox News Christmas ornaments (one of which features the slogan "Fair & Balanced") likewise fails to mention Christmas. Not one of the 32 items for sale on the Fox News website offers any mention of Christmas, Chanukah or any religious holiday.


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