Saturday, October 15, 2005

Last Chance to Visit the Artists' Studios at 314 Brown Street

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be your last chance to visit the artists' studios at 314 Brown Street in Northern Liberties. The building, which has provided studio space for some of Philadelphia's best artists, will be converted to condos as soon as the requested zoning adjustment is approved.
Painter Charlotte Schatz (above) has painted many of the most memorable landmarks in Northern Liberties and Fishtown, including the "Flatiron Building" shown behind her. Her painted hardhat comes from the Domino Sugar factory, the subject of some of her most iconic works. Printmaker Rebecca Gilbert (below) creates more personal works dealing with our human longings and desires.
Both have made arrangements to relocate their studios, but it is sad to see artists forced from Northern Liberties, Philly's hippest and most diverse neighborhood. Having done so much to make Northern Liberties such an attractive place to live, one can only hope that not all of the artists will be driven away by the real estate boom that is rolling over the neighborhood. You can find Charlotte's paintings at Rebecca's work can be sampled at (Disclosure: I have bought pieces from both.)
To keep up with events in Northern Liberties, check out and the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association at (Disclosure: I used to work there.) The NLNA, led by Matt Ruben, has been particularly courageous and effective in protecting the community's interests through the zoning and planning process.


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