Friday, September 30, 2005

Roy Blunt: "New boss, same as the old boss"

What does it say that House Republicans insisted that Roy Blunt replace Tom DeLay as majority leader?
Earlier this week, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) this week released a report called Beyond DeLay: The 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress featuring 11 Republicans and 2 Democrats. Roy Blunt is on the list:
“Rep. Blunt’s appointment is a case of ‘new boss, same as the old boss.’ While Rep. Blunt may be new to the job, he has long followed Rep. DeLay’s pattern of ignoring campaign finance laws and ethics rules,” Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW said today. “Rep. Blunt’s favors for Phillip Morris and United Parcel Service, at a time when both companies were clients of his family members, and his funneling of campaign contributions to his son Matt’s campaign for Governor begs the question ‘with such an ethically-challenged record, is Rep. Blunt an appropriate choice for House Majority Leader’?”
Rep. Blunt also contributed the largest individual donation, $20,000, to Rep. DeLay’s Legal Defense Fund.
Additionally, according to the Associated Press, Rep. Roy Blunt’s Political Action Committee (PAC), Rely on Your Beliefs Fund, has paid roughly $88,000 in fees since 2003 to J.W. Ellis Co., a consulting firm run by Jim Ellis. Mr. Ellis, a long time ally of Rep. DeLay, has been indicted along with Rep. DeLay for conspiracy to violate Texas campaign finance laws. It is unclear what services Mr. Ellis performed for Rep. Blunt, who listed Mr. Ellis as a “consultant.”
(Photo: Office of Rep. Roy Blunt)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON -- The money that led to the indictment this week of two Las Vegas pastors and the wife of one of them came from federal grants arranged by Sen. Harry Reid in September 2001, a Reid spokeswoman said Wednesday.

I guess the Republicans don't have an exclusive on "corruption." YOu know when politicians are lying when their lips are moving.


1:01 PM, September 30, 2005  

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