Thursday, September 15, 2005

Biden: "Hope and stubbornness do not constitute a strategy."

Joe Biden, in an oped in the Washington Post, warns of dire consequences if Bush simply stays the course:
The Bush administration's mishandling of Iraq has brought us to the brink of a national security debacle. To salvage the situation, the administration must fundamentally change course inside Iraq, in the region and at the international level.
As bad as things are, Biden worries that they could get worse if the draft constitution is adopted, leaving Sunnis on the outside looking in:
Sectarian violence might escalate into a full-blown civil war, drawing in Syria, Iran and Turkey and turning Iraq into a new Lebanon. Even worse, Iraqi Sunnis could forge stronger alliances with foreign jihadists, turning a swath of Iraq into a pre-Sept. 11 Afghanistan for a new generation of terrorists.
Stranded in the middle of this mayhem would be brave American soldiers, their lives on the line for a failing policy set by others.
The Bush administration's hope seems to be that Sunnis and Iraqi women will "get over it." But hope and stubbornness do not constitute a strategy.


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