Thursday, March 03, 2005

Reform in Philly?

Philadelphia has a chance to elect a genuine reformer as the next city controller.
Here's part of a post on Young Philly Politics:

John Braxton, former Common Pleas Judge, running to replace outgoing Controller Jonathan Saidel, also sounded the reform note, and sounded it loudly. I do not know too much about Braxton, but I can tell you that he spoke eloquently about the need for reform and change, and maybe most telling, a Philly for Change member who knows him got up when he was finished and said he was the type of person we need in office, which was certainly a good sign. (A message has a lot more impact when delivered by people you trust. I do not even know the woman who spoke, but, given the way she was spending her Wednesday night, and the way she spoke about Braxton, her speech made me a believer.) Braxton, like Williams will have to win without support of the party apparatus, which will be supporting loyal party soldier, Rep. Alan Butkovitz, who I also do not know anything about.
Imagine that: a candidate for city controller who "sounded the reform note" instead of being a "loyal party soldier."


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