Wednesday, March 30, 2005


A group of African American men going by the name, "Concerned", civic leaders, mostly from Wilmington, came together to offer their anquished thoughts about young blacks in our urban communities, published as a letter to Delaware Grapevine. In the letter, the ask, "Where are the Huxtables?". Here's a short excerpt:
As such, in many ways it is the responsibility of those who have made it to do everything within our power to lift up our disadvantaged kin before we call on government or mainstream America to fix our problems. While ultimate responsibility rests with the individual, we too must be accountable for what is happening within "our" communities.
The answer to the plight of the inner city, to the plight of Wilmington, is first that we recognize the “crisis of values” that is beset on all of us – in and outside of the city limits and that we seek to rebuild the least advantaged among us.
I know and respect many of the members of this group. When a group of leaders come together to examine their own roles in the larger community, their thoughts deserve our attention. Let's hope these leaders can spark some deeper discussion.


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