Thursday, March 10, 2005

"Can I sit here with you and have coffee?"

Here's one story about the human cost of lawless anti-government violence. The NYT has this story on the Chicago judge whose husband and mother were murdered last week:
CHICAGO, March 9 - For the 30 years of their marriage, Joan Humphrey Lefkow's husband, Michael, made the morning coffee. He swirled boiling water in the mug to warm it before pouring, then brought it to her in bed. They shared the first cup in silence, and, over the second, plotted another harried day juggling fulltime jobs and four busy daughters.
Now, nine days after finding her husband and mother shot dead in their basement, Ms. Lefkow, a judge on the United States District Court, brews her own coffee, warms her own mug. The other morning, she crept across the hall in the corporate apartments where her family has been sequestered under armed guard since the slayings and knocked on the door of her daughter's fiancé, asking, "Can I sit here with you and have coffee?"


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